Interior Design Ideas for Home | Latest Trends for 2020

A new year brings new vibes. The joy of new beginnings brings with them the new opportunities to reach our goals. This is the time to reboot and leave behind the bad and embrace what’s new and good. Just like positive vibes, a new year brings in home interior design ideas that rule the year with its uniqueness.

This year furniture trends are blooming with the popular curved trends of late 70’s, also, the smart house demands for compact and multifunctional furniture that is making its place in the list.

Interior design trends 2020 has a bag full of new and exciting trends waiting for you. 2020 seems to be colourful with painting the walls with bold, tribal floral or BOHO vibes. Walls can be painted, or wallpapered with these themes. Depending upon the colour scheme for the rest of the house we can choose whether to paint or install wallpaper.

Yet another trend that catches the early bird is statement ceiling, with the dynamic designs available and colours to choose from statement ceilings. This is making people crazy. In no time statement ceilings will top the interior design ideas 2020 list. Wooden flooring is another trend that makes it in to list. Wooden flooring is taking the floor aesthetics to another level.

And lastly not forgetting the nature’s responsibility, sustainable and eco-friendly home decors are challenging the latest architecture design and plans. With this said if you are looking for best interior designers in Essex, we are at your service. We provide more services like; architectural surveys, designs, loft conversion, home extensions, space planning, and much more. To know more about us or our services contact us today.

interior design ideas for home

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