8 Home Extension Ideas You Can Do Without Planning Permission

A home extension or renovation is one of the best ways to add instant value to your home. In the past few years, you were required to get planning permission before you embark on a renovation or extension project. Today, you can proceed with different extension ideas to transform your house under permitted development rights. This means you can embark on a loft conversion or other related projects without the hassle of getting planning permission. This article takes a look at 8 home extension ideas you can go for without planning permission.

Single Storey Extension

1. Single Storey Extensions

Recently, the government allowed homeowners to make single-storey extensions under the permitted development rights. This is an extension idea you can embark on as long as the size of the extension is within the eight-metre extensions to the house or detached house. Until early 2019, the legal single-storey extension was only four meters and six meters to an attached building without getting planning permission.

For the best results, it is wise that you follow the set rules for single storey extensions. Your extension;

  • Cannot be done or sit down forward of the front side of an existing property elevation.
  • Any materials used for the extension should be of the same quality as that of an existing property.
  • If you settle for single storey extension ideas that will mean the extension sits two meters of the existing property boundary, the roof should be less than 3 or 4 meters.
  • The width of an extension must also be greater than the existing property’s width.
  • Your extension should not be done in a conservation area or an area that has an amazing natural beauty.
  • For side return, extension – You should create the best, valuable and extra living space by incorporating a redundant land strip to the side. This is because side extension ideas is always an ideal way to design or create a large kitchen space. Remove an original wall exterior to ensure space extends to the width of the house to the adjoining boundary. You can always create a more significant area in the home with proper space planning.
  • For the rear extension, it should be 8 meters from the detached house, six meters from any other house including a terraced property or a side extension to a semi-detached house. Allowing for such space gives room for a greater scope that will create an open and large plan space that will connect to your garden.

Windows & Doors

2. Add new doors and windows

Adding new windows and doors to your property is also an excellent way to enhance your home without planning permission. Today, you can consider double glazing options and add bigger doors and windows based on your building regulations.

For the best outcome, explore an array of window and doors house extension ideas for semi-detached houses. Most importantly, take note of the design and location of your property. For a window that faces the sides of your house, it must have an obscured glass, and should not be opened. This is unless the window is installed 1.7m above the floor of the room. Similarly, you can consider a bay window as it is considered a home extension. Windows are excellent home extensions that not only enhance their overall value; they also maintain a property’s structural integrity.

garage conversion

3. Convert your garage

Permitted development also allows you to transform your internal space in an existing part of your property. You only need to explore house extension ideas that allow you to convert your garage without increasing its general footprint.

Therefore, if your house has an integrated garage, you can convert it to a more useful space. You can convert it to an extra bedroom or a playroom for the kids. It is however vital that you consult an architect who will be able to advise you on a number of ideas, skylights as well as access.

The beauty of converting a garage is that it is an easy process that does not require planning permission rules as long as you understand the footprint of your house. This will help you to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your property.

loft conversions

4. Loft Conversion

The other valuable home extension idea you can explore is a loft conversion. It adds instant and great value to your home and you do not need to get any planning permission. Permitted development gives you the room to add dormer windows, extra spacious headroom in your home and a beautiful loft to your property.

During a loft conversion, you only need to ensure the extension does not sit higher than an existing roof. Under the extension rights, a loft or attic extension should not exceed 50 cubic meters for semidetached extension ideas or 40 cubic meters for terraced houses. Therefore, take note of extension designs because, with an array of top designs, you can explore the best dormers, create more room for an en suite or a larger master bedroom. Furthermore, with a competent architect, you can get a smaller bedroom and bathroom from a garage conversion.

garden room

5. A garden room

To give your home an added touch of beauty, explore home extension ideas that help you to incorporate a garden room to your space. With amazing styles of outbuildings, you can add a separate garden room to your property and use it as an additional living room or a home gym.

When adding a garden, take note of set regulations for the best outcome. For any new structure in a single storey, your extension should not exceed 50 per cent of the land that covers the original house. Any existing outbuilding or sheds should also be within the surrounding land.

You should also meet the following house extension design criteria for your garden room;

  • Any outbuilding should be a single storey, has a maximum of four meters height and a maximum eaves height of 2.5 meters.
  • No raised platforms, balconies or verandas are allowed.
  • The garden should be 30 square meters and not more than 50 per cent of the garden’s total space.
  • You can also explore rear extension ideas for a garden area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Parks, but it should not be 10 square meters for buildings that are 20 meters or more from the house.

double storey extensions

6. Double Storey Extension

You can also improve your home with a double storey extension. This can be a semidetached house extension, if it is done at the rear. The whole process involves adding a second storey above a single storey part of your property. Generally, a two storey extension should not exceed 7 meters of a rear boundary or 3m in depth. Follow specific restrictions that apply to windows and doors in house extension plans.

A double storey rear extension is also possible if you want to create an extra bathroom in your home. Take time to explore semi-detached house extension ideas and settle for an idea that gives you the best space for an extra room.


7. Add a conservatory

For a modern touch in your home, you can go for orangeries and conservatories. The extensions do not require planning permission and they require the same guidelines as that of single-storey extensions. Explore the best small terraced house extension ideas and different extension options to get a conservatory that will add amazing value to your home.
A point to note is that you can add the desired extension on top of a conservatory. It creates a more stylish, beautiful and modern extension in your property. You can add a conservatory with glass, as it is usually a great way to flood your house with natural light.

A conservatory with roof vents is also ideal as it is an efficient way to maintain a cool environment in your house. It also helps to maintain warm air on those sultry days.

swimming pool

8. Add a swimming pool

Adding a swimming pool is with no doubt one of the most popular ways to add value to your property. It is an excellent extension idea that appeals to almost every family member. Under the UK’s PD rights, you can have a pool in your garden area as long as it does not exceed 50 per cent of the garden.

For an indoor pool, it is imperative that you inquire more on how to design an outbuilding pool. The beauty of a luxury swimming pool is that you can have it in the same location at the rear side extension, or near a garage conversion. In this case, you can go through semidetached house extension pictures to settle for an idea that will ensure you get a bespoke pool at the end of the project.

If your space is limited, why not consider a basement pool. This is a great option but it comes at an extra cost because you will need a waterproof basement.

With the pool ideas, you will need to identify the most ideal location even though you do not need planning permission rules to get the extension. Have a thorough assessment of the location, garden orientation and a pool design that complements the overall design of your home.

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home extension ideas

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