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Property Floor Plans & Drawings in Chelmsford

If you have ever looked at buying a property, if you’ve ever sold one, even if you've rented one as a tenant or been a landlord, you will have seen a floor plan. These seemingly innocuous pieces of information have a considerable amount of meaning behind them, and when it comes to architecture, they are so much more than you might think.
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What is a floor plan?

In the most simple of terms, a floor plan is a diagram of a room, a floor, or an entire building (depending on what is required) as it would be if looked down from above. Many floor plans include measurements of the room, and if there are any features such as fireplaces, appliances (a bath or shower, an oven, a fridge freezer), windows, doors, and so on, they will be noted too. It is unusual, although not unknown, for furniture to be included within the floor plan too.

In many cases, the floor plan is used to help a potential buyer or renter see the size of the property they are considering (allowing them to determine whether the property is large enough for their needs and if their furniture and other possessions would fit). However, they can also be used to work out the best wiring layout, where best to position an extension, and much more.

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Why are architectural floor plans important?

Architectural floor plans are important for a variety of different reasons, and it will depend on what you need the floor plan for as to how important it will be. If you’re building a property, then a good, accurate floor plan will show you exactly how that property will look when it’s built, for example. You can ensure that all the rooms are the right size, that there is a good flow from one side of the house to another, that there will be enough light, and so on.

If you intend to sell the property once it has been built, then the floor plan has a dual purpose. Not only will it ensure all measurements are correct and that the property is exactly as you want and need it to be, but it also helps immensely when it comes to marketing. A potential buyer who can immediately see the room sizes and can compare them to the home they currently live in can rule your property in or out without anyone’s time being wasted.

Floor plans prevent costly mistakes and ensure that the property will be built according to the client’s wishes.

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Floor plan drawing ideas Chelmsford

So what is it that should be included within a floor plan to ensure that everything is accurate and that it will do the job it is meant to do? When you engage ADP to create a floor plan for you, you will find that it includes the correct measurements, that the walls are in the right places (including any doors and windows), and architectural features are added. You can then decide whether you want any furniture to be included.

The best way to get some ideas about how your floor plan should turn out is to look at examples. Take a look online or contact us for more information.

floor plan drawings Chelmsford
floor plan drawings Chelmsford
floor plan drawings Chelmsford
floor plan drawings Chelmsford