Help with Planning Applications Essex - Make Sure You Get Planning Approval

Get help making an application for Planning Permission Essex now.

Architectural Design & Plan provide services in Essex and the surroundings to help you make a planning application for permission for any new projects e.g. new build, house extensions, and loft extensions. The first step before starting any building work is to apply to the council, we can help you with an expert planning consultant which provides you with the necessary documents & plans to get approval to being building.

We take on any job, big or small, and help you with both design and assistance with the building process too.

If you want to extend your home and enjoy more space, we will do everything we can to help get planning permission for your home.


Home Extensions from an Expert Team

Our team of experienced professionals is here to help you get the new home extension you wish for. We only hire the best people available, and we all make an effort to deliver far beyond our clients' expectations.

Our professional architectural designers take the hard work out of making a planning application, we will get a good understanding of the local area and how you can meet all the requirements set out by the government.

Planning Permission Essex

The Process of Planning Permission Essex

There is a mixture of building surveyors, engineers, planning architects and drawing technicians to help get the planning approval you require for your new project.

Ideas for your extension which may need planning permission Essex

  • Extending your kitchen, dining room or another existing room in your home that's starting to feel cramped
  • Adding an extra bedroom for a guest room or to accommodate a new person in your home
  • Put in a conservatory or sunroom, or even an outdoor living space, to give you somewhere to sit on a sunny day
  • Create an office space or perhaps somewhere for you to carry out a hobby, like sewing or writing

Visualise Your Project and Why You Need Planning Permission

With our range of tools, we have a number of ways to help you visualise what your extension will look like before you build it.

We use methods from technical drawings to 3D visualisation to make it easier for you to see what the final results of your extension design will be.

We make the design process clear and ensure you understand what we're doing and that you get to have as much input as possible.


See Examples of Our Projects

Take a look at our Gallery and Projects pages to see some examples of the work we have done in the past. It might give you some inspiration for what to do with your own home extension or just give you a better idea of what we can do for you.


Planning Permission Designs in Essex

Get in contact with Architectural Design & Plan to start designing your home extension. Our services cover Essex and the surrounding area, delivering a high standard to residential clients.

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